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Dukane 20B2000 Ultrasonic Generator

Dukane 20B2000 Ultrasonic Generator

Stock Photo: Dukane 20B2000 Ultrasonic Generator

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 Model Number: 20B2000

Manufacturer: Dukane

Model: 20B2000


Model Name:

Description: Ultrasonic Generator

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Ultrasonic Welder Repair is proud to offer world-class repair services for your Dukane model 20B2000 including the following features and benefits included at no extra cost:

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“FYI - that HMI you fixed & sent back last week looks perfect.  You guys helped us out of a tight spot... much appreciated”

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Let the Buyer Beware! - We've already done the research for you: Published online prices for this model range as high as DOUBLE what we charge.  Before you make a costly mistake, compare the excellent service, expert repairs, and fast turn around times RIS offers.  We consistently provide our customers with the lowest overall cost with a superior customer experience. 

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