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Fair and Honest Policy

Three things we hear most often from new customers:

What's it gonna cost?

Serious consequences, equipment down

And they tell us about the other guys who have some fancy price guarantee...

How long is it gonna take?

Serious consequences, equipment down

And some guys seem to claim having a magic wand or elves or something...

What's the warranty?

Thumbs up, keep your job

And then some have warranties that last forever, but guess who really pays for it...

We'll make this as clear as we can:

Serious consequences, equipment down

Equipment Down Means
Serious Consequences

Thumbs up, keep your job

Our Job is to make sure

you can keep doing yours!

(i.e. all the production workers stay busy, and you get to keep your job!)

RIS: Best price every time
You don't even have to ask!
RIS: We deliver on time
Aways fast turn around; expedited service available!
RIS: We've got you covered
Our Fair & Honest Warranty is all you'll ever need!

A 10% Price Guarantee

is kinda useless...

if you’re not getting good service!

Think about it: Companies that offer a “We’ll-beat-any-price” guarantee know they’re charging too much. Now, you know it too!

At RIS, we give you our Fair and Honest Pricing, our Fair and Honest Warranty, and world-class service every day, 24 / 7 / 365.

RIS: Great Service, Best Price Every Time
You don’t even have to ask!

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